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Well it’s all happening for us here – a new ART COMMISSION, a new GUEST ARRIVAL this weekend …. Busy Busy Bees!

Meantime I hope you enjoy the painting – my last and favourite horse (aaaaahhhhhh).

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We are getting ready for Carnival and Clients !

Chop Chop Busy Busy Work Work Bang Bang !!

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Casa La Celada, thanks to the owners’ own special dietary needs, is proud to be able to say that we can cater for people with Gluten issues, wheat intolerances and dairy problems. Due to years of psoriasis, I found out myself that I had wheat and dairy intolerances, and so have made it my point when moving around Spain to source foods away from the standard “bocadillo” that for me, is NOT a happy experience.

So do feel free to visit our website, see if you fancy the amazing tranquility – and give us the challenge of meeting your needs!


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Wow! The past 24 hours have been a tornado of activity!

Not only have I discovered Ecademy – and I am truly thankful to God and Georgina Lester for rescuing me from Facebook in that regard (save me from asinine requests of “what flavoured rotting cabbage are you) – but I have, since then, joined as a Power Networker and have since been given support and help from across the WORLD. It is an amazing resource for people wanting to UP their profile, improve their business contacts, or in my case GET CORDOBA ON THE MAP and more importantly Casa La Celada and our Bed and Breakfast here!

I have had some wonderful feedback from people giving me their valuable time, advice on how to get matters Humming – check this link out www.ecademy.com/module.php?mod=club&c=5248 – it is my very own and first Club on Ecademy called Spanish Retreats and Holidays – and it is for ANYONE with an interest in Spain, Holidays, Healing and informing others of their own gifts and products.

So I am smiling – even if my eyeballs are hanging out on threads bleeding caused by hours of computer work!

Time to wander up to my glorious roof terrace to remember the view methinks!

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I have to say this – Amanda speaking here rather than the house – that I am AMAZED by the effectiveness of Ecademy. Within the past 24 hours I have connected with people from all over the world who are interested in who I am, what I am offering, and what I paint.

So thank you to the world of the Internet – from myself, from Casa La Celada, and from Ecademy! I have even set up my own CLUB there for heaven’s sake -who would have thought it – check out this link :


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The more I read and study on the Internet, the more I begin to understand that there are many forms of getting “noticed”. Be it submitting articles (of which I have done several on Moving to Spain and registering a UK vehicle in Spain to name just a couple), but there is also this Bogey Word called Web Site Optimisation!


I have friends who don’t live here in Córdoba, and who DON’T run a Bed & Breakfast (there – a perfect example of optimising – Córdoba and Bed & Breakfast are two really important words for us, but I can’t sit here repeating them over and over, and use the example to prove a point) – who do have websites offering services, and who have their website details or connected details filling up page one of Google!

So, I am now spending several hours each day writing articles, and working on this issue of Optimising. I am writing about Pamper Weekends, or the fact that I personally love to be pampered. I am writing about being a single parent, and the pitfalls and joys of such a life. I am joining forums and clubs that have relevant members – others with a bed & breakfast perhaps, or are running their own successful businesses. Needless to say, none of them have ever heard of La Celada, or Iznájar for that matter . But I hope, that with time and my efforts, they SOON WILL!

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What can a gorgeous house say? Owners sprawled on my roof terrace, cats luxuriously decorating the space around, plants stretching and waking up to Córdoba’s early spring …. I like being a Bed and Breakfast here in Andalucía, and I love my owners who know how to enjoy themselves, and know how to enjoy me.

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