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That’s it, we’ve finally gone mad ….

We’re getting CHICKENS!

Our neighbours, the wonderful Luisa and Antonio who have housed my baby motorhome ever since we arrived, ate their scrawny featherless apologies for chickens (think boiling fowls) who only laid eggs when the sun turned blue and whose cockerel had no respect for Dawn Chorusing and instead bellyached all night long … and a week ago filled their chicken run with young pretty fluffy white hens!

And they have agreed to house a further two – which will be Zack’s chickens!!

Hey Ho Eggs Here We Go … ūüôā


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Hurry Hurry Book Your Room – it’s PARTY TIME!

La Celada’s own festival, the Fiesta de San Jos√©, is going to fall on 14th 15th and 16th March – and it is a REAL, RURAL, Spanish Fiesta …

We’re going to have dancing every night and apparently (God forbid) a stripper on Saturday (LATE) …. there will be games in the streets every day, and Sunday is the day of the massive free lunch of Sardines and salad and heaven only knows what else!

Bring Bikes if you want to partake in the street jousting races, and if you fancy coming in fancy dress, we’d fancy seeing you like that!

Roll Up Roll Up !!!

Hurry now and book your room …. !

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Roll Up Roll Up!!!!


From 14th to 16th March, our gorgeous little village is holding its very own annual Fiesta, normally held on March 19th but this year due to the early Easter break, we are bringing it forward by a few days ……

It will involve a mountain of games for the children starting around 4pm on the Friday – bring bicycles for the tinies on Friday, the bigger ones on Saturday as well as the boys with their motorbikes …..

The HUGE free lunch starts at 2pm on Sunday with raffles, games, bucking broncos and bouncy castles …..

Come along and see how we know how to party !!!

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Part of living any Dream, is to be attentive to what is needed ….

And right now, my son is SO TIRED, he needs a break.

He works several times harder than his class colleagues because he is, of course, doing it all in another language – and so every so often it catches up with him like being hit by a train …

So we have organised ourselves a last minute break …. just a night or two …. but time out for him to recharge his wee batteries.

It must be done!

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Poetry – Written By A House ?

Open door
Open heart
Open house
Open mind

Come and see me
Feel me
Hear me
I’m a House – the Loving Kind

Warmest welcomes
All invited
Come and share our home today
We are friendly
Warm, inviting
New friends – why not come and play?

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Today I am super-excited —


Because tomorrow I am giving an interview to the Sunday Mirror of all people about LIVING THE DREAM IN SPAIN !

How lucky am I????!

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