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Yesterday probably ranks as one of the best “me” days in living memory – and something I will definitely be repeating again and again and again …..

I drove the 15 minutes from home to Adelantado – a beautiful drive winding down and around Iznájar and the lake, then up the other side and into the campo where I was pampered beyond belief in the most beautiful house set in a rolling valley of silvery green olive trees.

Starting at 11am, I had a full body exfoliation in a treatment room that truly felt like I had walked into a loving, healing womb – sofas covered in rich royal blue accentuated with soft blues, purples and silvers, rich deep purple towels on the treatment couch, and gentle music playing in the background complimenting the soft whirring of the ceiling fan.

Having had my entire body gently scrubbed and polished, I then nearly died and went to heaven with the deep back, neck and shoulder massage. Sarah Jackson, our local extremely highly qualified and experienced therapist, is without a doubt the best masseuse and beauty therapist I have EVER encountered – and I have travelled a fair bit and always had treatments wherever I have gone – over a period of 20 years!

After my massage, it was pure bliss to have a wonderful, deeply cleansing and stimulating facial with collagen and lavender mask which made my skin feel so alive and tingly while gaving my hands a massage and mask before starting on my feet with a luxurious pedicure. By this time I’m practically floating away …

Once the face mask was off we adjourned out into the cool shade of the terrace overlooking the pool and on down through the olive groves, where my pedicure was completed with a final paraffin and wax foot dip which rehydrates and soothes sun-scorched feet. Delicious! While that was doing it’s work, we had a lovely chilled glass of Freixinet – my favourite Spanish Cava, and a delicious lunch prepared by Jenny who owns this glorious pamper retreat.

Languishing over our lunch the company was perfect – the balance of laughter and quietness just right, and towards the end of lunch Jenny offered me the opportunity of experiencing a psychometric test. I have never had this, and have always been deeply skeptical of such things, but I have to say that it was very useful, the results absolutely reflected me in every way and helped me see some areas where I can be more focussed in managing my time – so I rated it as being an extremely useful exercise.

And then it was the pool !! Oh my !! Swimming in the late afternoon sun, lounging on the deck chairs, the only sound coming from the trees being lightly ruffled by a gentle breeze ….

I feel so relaxed I could MELT …….

It was such an amazing experience that we have decided to team up so that we can offer it as an option to our guests here at Casa La Celada too – I can imagine that for anyone spending a few days taking in the Alhambra, the Mezquita, or climbing our Sierra Subbética’s mountains, such a blissful and completely recharging experience would send most people into paroxysms of bliss …


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Are you a breakfast person or a “grab an apple and run out the door” kind of person?

When I stayed in Rome last week, I was disappointed with the breakfast simply because there was no wheat free option – I really did think that the world today was far better educated in that regard ….

Because of my own wheat intolerances it’s made me really think about the breakfasts we serve here too – there must always be an option for wheat free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan diets – even though the majority of people don’t have those requirements it makes the world of difference for those who do….

Does it make a difference for you what you have for breakfast? Do you think about it in terms of health, speed, caffeine hit? Or do you have food intolerances that seriously affect where you can go to eat?

http://www.ecademy.com where I spend a lot of time marketing and working, has a club called the Wheat and Dairy Free Club which is a great place for help incidentally if you are affected by what you eat …

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