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Music deeply, movingly and tenderly heals even the most painful places ….



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As of this weekend, the Sierra Nevada ski resort of Borreguiles is enjoying a TWO METRE fall of Snow! And at more than 3,000m above sea level – considerably higher than some of France’s most well known resorts – it looks TEMPTING!!

We’re lucky – from our lovely Andalucia B&B we can jump in our cars, laden with ski wear, and be on the slopes by 10am, picnics in rucksacks and gloves on hands …..

Yep, I’d say we’re lucky here ­čÖé

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Lake Izn├íjar – Springtime flowers crowd your shores
Olive blossoms fill the air all around your ragged cliffs
Flowers flying on the breeze until they settle gently down
Floating softly on the surface of your impenetrable depths

Lake Izn├íjar – Summer warms you, the suns rays are beating down
The haze above you out of focus through the vapours rising up
Your shores surrounded with the tinkling sound of laughter all around
The colours dazzle with the brightness of the sun from high above

Lake Izn├íjar – when the Harvest Moon is huge high in the sky
Softest light reflects so clearly of palest white on velvet black
Lighting up your dappled Autumn face serene and filled with hope
Bringing promises of coolness to the sun scorched land around

Lake Izn├íjar – to walk around your crusty crunchy wintry shores
Taking millions of pictures of the sparkling winter sun
As it dances through the day across your vast and watery expanse
Like a million twinkling Tinkerbells waiting Springtime once again.

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